Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Vision

I often hear people use the term 'perfect vision' and on occasion want to correct them. What they really are describing is more so 'ideal' or as I (incorrectly) call it 'average' vision. If there were no near sighted people, there would have been no watchmakers... likewise farsighted-ness is likely useful in archery and sports. But I agree, 20/20 vision is ideal for most people as it allows society to have a standard baseline which can be used to determine how big to make traffic signs, etc. I guess it just irks me when these 'average' people try to pawn off themselves as 'perfect'. They are ideal and in some instances superior, but they are far from being perfect. If that were the case 'perfect' intelligence would be the center on the bell curve and anyone falling on either side should be considered faulty. Anyways... I hope all of you perfect people are enjoying your perfect vision and your perfect intelligence on this drizzly Sunday morning.

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